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Iowa Women's Gymnastics against Ohio State

Sports Blog: Amy Center
Iowa Gymnastics February 6, 2010:
The gymhawks competed against Ohio State, if I say so myself, they rocked it. They went into that meet with every intention to win and then did it. The U of I gymnastics team has had a rocky start of the season, but hopefully things will start to turn around after getting their season high this weekend.
They started on the vault, where every one of the girls hit their vaults. Junior Becky Simbhudas got the high score of a 9.9 and Sophomore Annie Szatkowski pulled out her first big vault of the season. They moved to the bars where once again, the gymhawks pulled it off. They had one minor mishap but were able to work around it and keep trucking along. Simbhudas took the lead with a score of a 9.9 followed by Junior Houry Gebeshian with the next highest score.
On the balance beam every hawk hit again. They all transferred their hard work from practice to the competition floor. The team looked unshakeable on the four inch w…


As an avid viewer of Man Vs Wild, I am starting to see a bad trend developing for the future shows. For anyone who hasn't seen the show, it centers around Bear Grylls, a former SAS (British Special Forces) soldier, being dropped in the shittiest surroundings possible and survive using the land and his wits. The show, now in it's third season, had two episodes in a row that didn't involve Grylls going into any wilderness. In one, he went to a war torn city in Eastern Europe to survive for days. The other show told about the tribulations his camera crew goes through to film Man vs Wild. This made me think that after doing three seasons of the show, there are no more places in the wild for him to go that aren't somewhat similar to previous ones he has went to. Could it actually be possible that there isn't enough wilderness left to keep doing shows for more seasons? With only about eight new episodes left in this season, this question may be answered if a fourth seaso…


The Office probably ranks as one of the most popular television shows on college campuses. And there is a reason. At last count, I found 31 episodes of reruns in a week's time on Fox, NBC, and TBS. I guess its not hard to become popular with that kind of viewing exposure. The thing I don't get when I hear people talking about the show, is the characters they just love. Time after time, I listen to viewers having conversations about Michael, Jim, and Pam. Are you kidding me? Michael's character is set up to be the ultimate douche bag and he does a good job of this. But how far can you take one guy's moronic behavior and vast stupidity? At this point, it feels like writers are really struggling for new things for Michael to screw up. Jim and Pam really don't even seem like tv show characters to me. These two are the people you run into every day. Jim's only redeeming quality on the show is when he is messing with Dwight. Pam virtually does nothing of interest on th…