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As an avid viewer of Man Vs Wild, I am starting to see a bad trend developing for the future shows. For anyone who hasn't seen the show, it centers around Bear Grylls, a former SAS (British Special Forces) soldier, being dropped in the shittiest surroundings possible and survive using the land and his wits.
The show, now in it's third season, had two episodes in a row that didn't involve Grylls going into any wilderness. In one, he went to a war torn city in Eastern Europe to survive for days. The other show told about the tribulations his camera crew goes through to film Man vs Wild.
This made me think that after doing three seasons of the show, there are no more places in the wild for him to go that aren't somewhat similar to previous ones he has went to. Could it actually be possible that there isn't enough wilderness left to keep doing shows for more seasons? With only about eight new episodes left in this season, this question may be answered if a fourth season is picked up by The Discovery Channel.
During the three season the show has been on, it has become one of my favorite things to watch on television. It is vastly entertaining and viewers can also learn some things as well.
10 Things I Have Learned Watching Man vs Wild:
10. In wet or icy conditions, terrain can become "slippy" (British version of slippery)
9. A large animal carcass can be used as living quarters/tent/sleeping bag (May not smell good)
8. Scorpions only have about 10 calories each (Detach stinger before eating)
7. Large grasshoppers have even less calories than scorpions, so you need at least 30 for a meal(Detach head & legs before eating)
6. Swamplands suck to walk through (Many of the things there will poison or eat you)
5. A flint can save your ass in the wild (Can also be used to light people's cigarettes in public)
4. Weather conditions in the Midwest are great (10 below zero & 95 degrees are mild)
3. Salads can be made from dandelion greens (Don't eat toxic yellow flower)
2. Drinking your own piss can be a life saver (May not be tasty)
1. Water doesn't have to be drank, it can be taken in enema form (May not be comfortable)


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