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The Office probably ranks as one of the most popular television shows on college campuses. And there is a reason. At last count, I found 31 episodes of reruns in a week's time on Fox, NBC, and TBS. I guess its not hard to become popular with that kind of viewing exposure.
The thing I don't get when I hear people talking about the show, is the characters they just love. Time after time, I listen to viewers having conversations about Michael, Jim, and Pam. Are you kidding me?
Michael's character is set up to be the ultimate douche bag and he does a good job of this. But how far can you take one guy's moronic behavior and vast stupidity? At this point, it feels like writers are really struggling for new things for Michael to screw up.
Jim and Pam really don't even seem like tv show characters to me. These two are the people you run into every day. Jim's only redeeming quality on the show is when he is messing with Dwight. Pam virtually does nothing of interest on the show. Now she's pregnant, so this storyline should make her even more irrelevant than she already is. I don't know how these two became favorites to the viewers.
I feel that DWIGHT SCHRUTE is the anchor of The Office. He is by far the most noticeable character and stands apart from the rest of the staff. He is hardcore and always can come up with a great solution to problems (some may not work). This is the guy that ups the entertainment aspect of every show. Dwight, you are the man.
Another character that has won me over is Creed. But viewers are lucky to see him get more than one minute of face time per episode for a cut away to him. This is an injustice. I feel there should be shows based around his creepy, take-no-shit attitude. Creed needs more air time for viewers to get to the bottom of his secretive nature.
I was really never a watcher of The Office until I came to college and almost couldn't not watch it while with friends (I now know that there are 7 episodes on TBS every Tuesday night). During these viewings, people tell me, "You just like the assholes on the show (Dwight & Creed)." Well, next time your out in public, see what kind of people catch your attention: Ones that sit around and talk normally, or those who are loud, eccentric, and crude. My money is on the assholes.


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