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The History Channel's Pawn Stars has been pulling in good ratings since the new season began. Is it a true history show? No. Does something historical come into the shop every once in a while? Yes. But there is another aspect of the show that is bringing in the viewers: CHUMLEE.Chumlee (aka Austin Russell) is an employee of the family owned & run Las Vegas Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, yet he isn't a member of the family. He is the best friend of son, Cory or Big Hoss as he is called, whose grandfather & father own the shop. Chumlee's value as an employee seems to be strictly comedic relief, but this is what is making the ratings.Viewers have seen Chumlee screw up something on almost every episode and be yelled at by the owner, The Old Man (Richard Harrison). He has a way of really getting under The Old Man's skin with his stupidity. It gets to a point where Chum, as he's affectionately known to other employees, is almost a caricature in the shop. This appea…


Mixed martial arts (MMA) has been the fastest growing sport in popularity for about the last three years. It has gotten so popular in fact, that it can be viewed on five different television networks. The sport is now mainstream enough to air on CBS. What used to be considered a "barbaric" sport has now caught the public attention. Whether it is Spike, CBS, Showtime, Versus, or pay-per-view, MMA is out there to be seen (actually you can't miss it while channel surfing). It has gotten to the point that viewers can see at least four different fight organizations on tv (The Ultimate Fighting Championship, World Extreme Cagefighting, Pride Fighting Championship, Strikeforce), as well as local MMA on pubic channels. Demand for the sport became great enough that a reality television series, The Ultimate Fighter, was broadcast on Spike TV in 2005 and got the best ratings of any show on the network. The eleventh season will start in March. Monthly live events are shown and pay-p…

Play-It-Safe Oscars

Actresses and actors effectively manuevered their fashion choices around anything remotely controversial.  It was a lot of subtle, natural hues that kept the red carpet rather dull.  However some stars did shine including Carey Mulligan in Prada and Anna Kendrick in Elie Saab Haute Couture.  What was missing?  Lagerfeld's sheer Chanel gown from pre-Fall 2010.