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Yet another dysfunctional family has left the television air waves. The Teutuls, Paul Sr., sons Paulie and Mikey are no more on the TLC channel. After six seasons, the show American Chopper, has been cancelled.
This was in major part because of the firings of Paulie and Mikey from the Orange County Choppers (OCC) motorcycle shop where the show was filmed. The boss, Paul Sr., was constantly bickering and feuding with his son (and head fabricator/designer) Paulie, and finally had enough of it. Mikey on the other hand, may have been fired because the only thing he really ever accomplished while at the shop, was making people laugh.
The series was built around the perpetual strife between Paulie and his dad. Some of the time these blow ups were so bad, that Paulie would leave the shop and not return for days. Mikey was always trying to patch things up between the two, but his efforts were in vain. After both sons left OCC, the show tried to follow each of them in their lives away from designing motorcycles, but this really drew away from the shows dynamic. The viewers wanted to see what was going on inside the business and Paul Sr.'s tyrant ways of running it.
I am going to especially miss seeing all-around bad-ass Paul Sr. dishing out the abuse to his employees. He became one of my favorite television personalities during the show. Another big blow will be that the best mustache on television, Paul Sr.'s, will no longer get to be viewed. Maybe not having to be taped while together will lead to the Teutul family being able to patch up their differences.


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