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Prednisone, the wild ride

I mentioned yesterday that I wasn't feeling great.  What I didn't mention was that I have had really intense nausea for the past two weeks in addition to feeling not right in the head - sort of dizzy.  Hard to describe.  Well, today I was desperate and I decided to try something a bit left field to try to help. I have motion sickness wrist bands in the car for my niece and sometimes myself. A friend had used them successfully to counteract morning sickness, so I thought... "Why not give them a try?". 
 The white button sticks out at the back of the band and presses on a pressure point in your wrist.  It took at least 1 1/2 hours but I must say it worked.  As the day has progressed I've felt better and better.  Yippeeeee!!  I wonder if they would help people with chemo nausea?

A celebration dinner that I can actually enjoy without feeling ill!  Salmon and chickpea tikka curry with rice, quinoa, fresh coriander (cilantro) and crunchy pappadams.  Yum.  Oh my goodness I cannot describe how good it was to eat and enjoy - which has definitely not been my experience of late.  Now I just have to get on top of the prednisone insomnia.  Melatonin worked last night and I'm lucky to be able to have day time catch up sleeps.  I'm getting through a lot of books though!
This is the latest that I finished this morning.  It's an historical fiction that dips into fantasy as it attempts to describe the spirituality of AD 45 Britain.  I did enjoy it but I must say that the main character became tiresome as she CONSTANTLY ran off and did exactly what she had been told NOT to do.  If ended up feeling like this was the only manner in which the author could make anything happen - change in setting, circumstances, anything.   Not sure if I will read it's sequel.


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