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Just a Random Post

A rainbow in my coffee on Tuesday morning as I waited for our car to have it's airconditioning compressor replaced.
 My favourite breakfast from Jamaica Blue....vegetarian breakfast with fried haloumi and poached eggs with pesto.  I never need lunch after eating this as it is generous but not as gargantuan as this image makes out.
What I read while drinking rainbow coffee and eating have got to be kidding me.  What ever happened with looking out the window or up at the sky and using your own brain and senses to monitor the clothes on the good ol' hill's hoyst??  Seriously!

 I loved the colours of the fish at the pet shop and took a ridiculous amount of photographs.  I shall spare you the rest!

Seeing tanks full of fish had NOTHING to do with me cooking fish for dinner - that was preplanned.  Basa fillet with couscous and veg and handful of mixed green salad leaves for dinner.  Little bowl of sweet grapes for afters.  I love how the small plate made the meal look…

Getting Crafty

I've struggle for some time now to get back into the studio and get painting and in doing so I have denied myself permission to just play with creativity.  So, I gave myself permission to just play and enjoy myself and not constantly focus on 'having to produce fine art'.  With this in mind I took a voucher for crafty supplies (birthday gift from my sister - thank you Susan), and went shopping for inspiration....
I came home with some fimo for sculpting. I've never used this before and have a few little, easy ideas in mind to attempt with this.
Some replacement gouache.  I'm going to put together a little plein air kit and as we enter this time of glorious weather in our part of the world I hope to get out and about and painting.  I can always play at home with these too.  Easier to clean up than my acrylics.
I found ELMER'S glue which features in a whole heap of things I want to try that I have pinned on Pinterest - glitter slime and the like.  Because afterall w…

A Lovely Day Out

Today, my friends Katya and Roslyn took me out for a belated birthday celebration.  I do not remember a time in my life when I didn't know these girls.  We grew up on farms in a small rural location, attended kindy together from age 3, so we've been part of each other's lives in some way for 44 years.  Incredible. Here they are....
Roslyn suggested that we go to 'The Garden' at Maleny.  We go here each Tuesday night for meditation (in an outbuilding at the back), so we'd not seen it in the daylight.  We were amazed at how big it was.  The premises are very deceptive when seen at night!  It's a combination nursery, gift shop and cafe/coffee shop.

There is a cottagy type feel to the front garden by the entrance.
 I loved these rusty floral decorations. 
 Seeing rosellas in fruit reminded me that I'd forgotten to plant any this year so I'll not be making jam.  I suppose I could go back and buy a bush becasue a cupboard without rosella jam is a sad cupboar…


For the past few days I seem to have been handcuffed to the house waiting.  Waiting for tradies to ring, turn up  and give us quotes on replacing our guttering.  Waiting for a courier to turn up with parts for our ride on mower.  I could allow myself to become frustrated and cranky by the lack of 'turning up' but instead I've used the time to take steps to catch up, to make plans and to get ahead in some areas. 

Herbs have been planted to fill out spots in sparsely planted pots on the back patio.  The area under the tree has been raked and tidied.  I've manually skimmed the pool as we woke this morning to find it covered in the creamy white blossom from the palm overhead.  It looks like it exploded in the night...  Bags of bits and bobs that have been hanging around to take to the op shop have finally been taken out to the car and I will take them to the charity bins when I next go out.  I'm ahead with the ironing!  I've read the draft copy of a friend's boo…

Enjoying time in the Garden

I took some time to just sit in the garden beneath our beautiful tree as the day drew to a close yesterday.  I lit my fire and just sat and enjoyed the evening, the sounds, the smell of the fire burning and the smell of something heavy and sweet and unidentified that was entered my senses on occassion.

The mosquitoes eventually invaded and forced my hasty retreat back indoors.  It was lovely while it lasted though.  I do love my fire pit.

Today is Sunday and I usually do a few things to prepare me for my coming week to make things flow more easily.  This is all I managed to do today.
I boiled some eggs to be added to salads or grabbed as a snack during the day.  I made a fruit salad to have for breakfast with greek yoghurt and my seed and nut mix sprinkled over, or eaten for dessert or a snack.  A greek salad, yes there is cucumber in there it is just not mixed very well! Oh, but I have forgotten the olives. What a ditz.

I make these to make my days easier, particularly if I'm not fee…